Business, Culture and Education

Knowledge is very important today. Educated citizens interested in Business, Society and Sustainability have immediate education opportunity at their fingertips, the Internet. For professionally developed webinars, they provide insight to our changing communities, awareness of the environment and seeking critical information that helps people connect the dots at work.

Our commitment is to role out webinars that not only support our portfolio of services, but more importantly increase awareness of change in our world. These new introductory webinars address many of those issues, needs and also provide each individual a pathway to knowledge and understanding.

Also as a new offering, we can produce specialized webinars for your entire transformation needs. In many cases, this option is more cost effective than per seat costs. We have a broad body of Business, IT, Quality and Sustainability knowledge to develop learning solutions that address your needs.

We listen to our Clients and they want to know more about improving their organization. Future webinars will focus on business topics and provide specialized knowledge that business leaders will need while transitioning their organization into a Sustainably Developed, Strategy driven, Customer centric enterprise. So, here are three new learning services that are designed to address introductory and specialized needs:

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Now Available: Your Corporate Uniqueness

We provide services to create webinars that address your unique needs in terms of educating your organization while transforming it. Many times larger corporations should review their alternatives and understand the coverage from customized webinars may be less expensive when compared to other prepared alternatives.

For those who need specialized webinars or on-site workshops for your organization, give us call or drop us an email. We look forward to providing a solution for you.

Coming Soon: New Webinars & Workshops

The introductory classes will provide broad understanding of Sustainability based on these design goals:
  • We leverage internet capabilities to keep the costs down and offer affordable classes well-timed for most lunch schedules.
  • These webinars provide fundamental information.
  • Each webinar is planned to be available in a brief time frame.
  • After completion of all five classes a certificate will issued to you for your efforts.
  • After each class, a survey is furnished for your feedback. We value your opinions and always look for improvements.

Coming in FY2015:

  • Currently available webinars or workshops
  • Understanding Pragmatic Sustainability
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Global Webinars / Workshops