Analytics & Optimization Suite

When improving your business, establish a management control framework to identify weaknesses in your organization. Those weaknesses then can be refined and transformed into benefits, as well. Many corporations know their costs, but may not know their performance, productivity or be aware of where their weak links are. Performance Solutions start with measuring with the right metrics: Determine your weak links through business intelligence: Measure and Monitor Performance reporting, through Scorecards and Dashboards, provides information to identify issues and problems, quickly by improving your decision-making tools.

We recommend how Performance Solutions tools, such as integrated Balance Scorecards and External and Internal Dashboards, can be enhanced to offer better information for management decision-making and increase your visibility. Last, measuring your success will promote concrete results in your transformation and facilitate your Continuous Improvement processes across your enterprise.

  • Finance transformation strategy
  • Finance operations improvement
  • Business performance planning and reporting
  • Treasury management
  • International Financial Reporting

We offer:

Sustainability Playbook
Balanced Scorecard
General Business Analytics
Marketing & Sales Analytics
Customer & Order Analytics
Supplier Analytics
Client Collateral