Lean and Six Sigma Suite

office6Lean Six Sigma is not solely for manufacturing. The proven quality methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma thathave been used globally for over 30 years to help cut waste, costs, boost profits and remove key process obstacles. Lean Six Sigma can also provide a major improvement benefit when it comes to Sustainability implementation. Think of it as a tool, framework and discipline to incorporate Sustainability in an efficient manner.

Their focus on waste reduction throughout the product life cycle aligns very well with the main levers used to become more sustainable. The tools and methodologies that have been developed through Lean Six Sigma also provides a practical way to implement a company’s Sustainability program in order that provides rapid results.

  • Change Management and Change Models
  • Establishing trust throughout the organization
  • Increasing employee empowerment and contribution
  • Leadership Engagement
  • Driving Sustainability Innovation
  • Creating quick wins throughout the project
  • Creating sustainably developed results
  • Building organizational capability
  • Creating an environment of systems thinking, continuous learning, innovation and process improvement
  • Generating noticeable results, quickly
  • Increasing the return on all organizational assets
  • Solving long lasting and persistent organizational problems
  • Winning the hearts and minds of employees
  • Getting the organization to focus on both short-term and long-term objectives
  • Changing mindset: Changing the view of training from expense to an investment in Human Resources, thus increasing the return on investment by eliminating waste and promoting innovation.

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