Clients First

about_2aJBS has over 35 years of successful Business Planning Systems, IT systems, Quality methodologies, Performance Analytics and Risk Management. Any Enterprise Transformation is a collaboration approach by the CXOs, setting objectives, timelines and allocating their commitment to elimination waste through streamlined processes and efficient organizations. Any organizational changes need specialized skills and talents. JBS provides services that support change in these areas:

  • Business Strategy and Alignment Suite,
  • Sustainability and CSR,
  • Lean and Six Sigma Methodology,
  • Analytics & Optimization,
  • Webinars and On-Site Workshops, and
  • Customized Services

But what unifies our Clients is that they all tend to be ambitious business leaders, open to new ideas. These leaders share common areas of executive and organizational motivation and incentives. They see change as an opportunity and possibly create new and more lucrative markets.

  • They are competitive and ambitious.
  • They think and act like owners.
  • They are not satisfied with the status quo and accept calculated risks.
  • They want to be challenged and nurture their business.
  • They want to attract fresh, brilliant talent to improve their organization
  • They want a personal coach to push them to their best.

With colleagues seasoned in other areas, that change can be augmented with other expertise for your project needs. Where those needs can be focused on the Executive’s perspective and where gains can be made.


Chief Executive Officer

Promoting Sustainability services for the CEO is key to forming an improvement team. A recent CEO Sustainability Survey reflected that CEOs want increased Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. Companies making a business case for susceptibility see benefit. On an average, other executives reported these results:

See an improvement to brand reputation: 48%
See an increased competitive advantage: 31%
See innovation of products or services offerings: 28%
See better business models and processes: 25%


Chief Financial Officer

Promoting Sustainability services for the CFO is key to showing financial opportunities. Ernst & Young’s 2011 report indicates CFO’s Sustainability role has expanded. Many roles of the CFO, especially concerned with initiatives and tangible benefits, now report:


CFOs involved with equity analysts to consider Sustainability performance: 79%
CFOs involved in Sustainability initiatives: 65%
CFOs authorize funding of capital investments: 39%


Chief Information Officer

Promoting Sustainability services for the CIO is showing how to leverage one of the corporation’s largest assets. As a CIO, a Deloitte Survey asked; “Where do you see the highest potential for achieving value through Sustainability in your organization?”:


CIOs selected Supply Chain: 17%
CIOs selected Workplace / “Grassroots Greening”: 15%
CIOS selected Green IT / Data Centers: 12%


Chief Operating Officer

Promoting Sustainability services for the COO will garner waste elimination. “More and more companies are embracing Sustainability as a cornerstone in their strategy to build competitive advantage.” Today, one of the five top management practices that reduce operating costs are in the realm of a Chief Operating Officer. A recent survey asked COO’s about the value chain of Sustainability. To measure the extent best management practices can reduce costs, it was found:

COOs engage with suppliers (at any tier level): 46%
COOs provide suppliers with monetary rewards for sharing expertise and Sustainability knowledge: 45%
COOs provide tools, policies, or processes to suppliers and value chain partners: 41%


Advisory and Consulting Services

JBS provides advisory and consulting services for Strategies, Sustainability and Continuous Improvement to enterprises and governments that identify areas of risk, waste, market opportunities and improving revenue growth and profitability. Consider these points:

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