From Vision to Tangible Benefits

Today, most companies are not fully optimized nor retain efficiencies in day-to-day operations of doing business. Forward-thinking leadership recognizes that Sustainability is an essential aspect of their business strategies; however, most CXOs (e.g., C-suite Executives) have not really begun to think through what it means to them, their organization or how to implement Sustainability Transformation. Understanding Pragmatic Business and Sustainability solutions mean elimination of waste and creating tangible opportunities.

Jarvis Business Solutions, LLC [JBS] is committed to helping forward-thinking organizations position Pragmatic Sustainability as a key lever to long-term commitment and, ultimately, a high performance enterprise. We help organizations leverage their assets and capabilities to drive innovation and profitable growth while striving for a positive economic, environmental and social impact. Pragmatic Sustainability also means our Clients can benefits in key facets:

  • Earn and keep the trust of Customers, Partners and other Stakeholders
  • Drive Innovation in Processes, Products, Services and Business models
  • Lead through an increasingly complex and uncertain future

As that transition occurs, organizations need to transform their operations—and, in some cases, their business models—to fully integrate Sustainability initiatives across the enterprise. JBS uses structured improvement methodologies to help organizations integrate Sustainability into the fabric of their strategies and operating models—and ultimately enable high performance for the emerging new economy.


Today’s Drivers for Change

Peter Drucker once said; “Do not simply cling to your past successes, be willing to change, adopt new ideas and continually review all the different segments of business.” Sustainability drives Sustainable Development to integrate Sustainability into your existing framework. In order to facilitate that change, JBS offers structured solutions that augment and address related gaps. According to a recent survey from Ernst and Young – Six Trends, CEOs believe business Sustainability is driven by six influences:

Energy costs is a key driver for initiative 93%
Cost reduction 74%
Stakeholder expectation 68%
Managing risks 61%
Revenue generation 56%
Government regulation 37%

Source: Ernst and Young survey in cooperation with GreenBiz Group, Six growing trends in corporate sustainability; © 2012 EYGM Limited. All Rights Reserved.


Board of Directors

According to the survey, profitability can be enhanced when initiatives focus on eliminating waste, improve processes and provide leadership with enterprise visibility. Company’s reporting fall into three groups: Those who have a business case. Those tried to build a case without knowledge of improvement. Those who do not have a business case. Only those who have a business case, show deep advantages regardless of company sizes:

Have a business case for Sustainability: 59%
Have tried to make a business case,  but found it difficult to develop: 25%
Have not made a business case for Sustainability: 15%

Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, Sustainability Study: Interactive Exploration, Retrieved: 24 August 2012

Offering Pragmatic Solutions

JBS has experience across many types of industries and many of our services support specialized leadership needs; whether for Strategic Planning, Pragmatic Sustainability and other services that improve enterprises. JBS serves a variety of enterprises services based on best practices and hands-on knowledge in client-facing roles:

  • Consulting experience working with Fortune 500 corporations
  • End-to-end Strategic Planning and Alignment
  • Enterprise Transformation in multinational and multicultural corporations
  • IT Enterprise Transformation consulting
  • Advise closely held companies, their Internal Experts and their Owners
  • Help advise small start-ups begin their business journey

Should additional expertise need to be included in your projects, JBS has a network of seasoned professionals that can effectively augment those needs.

We share our passion for Sustainability.
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